Welcome 2016!

Welcome to 2016! Almost one month in, how are you doing with the commitments you have made to your health this year? If you are struggling you are not alone.

I love the New Year. Letting go, looking ahead, we take the time to reflect on our lives and create a vision for the future. Instead of the firm and traditional New Years Resolution that you may have made this year already… I invite you to try a more fluid approach. Lets begin with a simple question..

How will you live the next moment of your life, and every moment thereafter, authentically, powerfully, and peacefully?

This may seem like a tall order, but I challenge you to take just 15 minutes to just be in the moment, contemplate the question, and listen to your body and your heart. You already know the answer.

What must you do, create, or surrender to? What actions must be taken? For many of us this means finally making the commitment to change our diet to serve our body and mind. It may mean taking the 15 minutes every morning to breathe, center yourself, and prepare mentally and emotionally for the day. This may mean giving up something we love that is no longer beneficial to us or bringing something in, like a new art class or dance class. Whatever your heart, mind, and body are yearning for we all begin the same process of reflection, addressing fears and routine, making space, trusting that we will have abundant energy, and making change happen.

My husband and I have committed ourselves to being more intentional with our time this year. After the flurry and chaos of raising two babies, how will we reconnect with ourselves and each other. We reflect on what serves our body and soul and we commit to making it happen. Exercise, time with nature, decreasing coffee, increasing sleep, taking time for reading and meditation, taking our supplements…every commitment we make takes strength and courage.

Tonight, I start my first guitar lesson.

How will you live the next moment authentically, powerfully, and peacefully? Your body and mind will thank you.

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